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"Playing CBT" is a company that develops therapy games based on the Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach and Schema Therapy approach, designated for therapists, counselors, educators and the whole family. It is designed to support therapy for children and adolescents or to be used as a fun game that facilitates communication and coping with emotional and behavior issues in group settings. My games help children, adolescents and parents identify the different elements of their emotional experiences (thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and behavior) and provides a basis for reflection and discussions, which then improve coping capabilities and promote cognitive flexibility and more positive emotional, physical and behavioral reactions. All my games provide an indirect and pleasant means for improving social skills, coping skills, self-control, emotional regulation, emotional awareness and self-resilience.

Shelly Zantkeren

Hello, my name is Shelly Zantkeren. Thank you for taking the time to hear the story behind "Playing CBT" games. As far back as I can remember I always loved to play and use my imagination. I would invent new games every day or change the rules so that me and my friends would experience more challenge, thrill and interest. When it was time for me to decide what I'll do in life, I chose to become a professional therapist and specialized mainly in children. I went on to complete my master's degree in educational counseling and applied educational psychology. Over the years, while serving as a therapist in different settings, I noticed that the best way to get children to open up to me and share their inner world was always through playing, arts and crafts or other fun activities.  

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